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The Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament

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July 7, 2013

The Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament will be held Sunday, July 7, at historic Coney Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eight teams from in and around the Cincinnati area will compete in gentlemanly competition in this day long display of 1869 base ball.

Heart of Base Ball

Cincinnati is the original heart of baseball, and on July 7th, 2013 the Norwood Highlanders will be hosting the inaugural Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament at historic Coney Island. This day long event features eight nearby vintage clubs striving to claim the rightful title of the region’s supreme base ball club.

Participating clubs include:

  • Norwood Highlanders
  • Cincinnati Red Stockings
  • Cincinnati Buckeyes
  • Losantiville Black Stockings
  • Dayton Clodbusters
  • Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers
  • Rising Sun Belle Rivers
  • Batesville Lumbermen

This is base ball as it was intended to be played – for fun and exercise, by gentlemen basking in the joy of the game. No multi-million dollar contracts. No prima donnas. NO GLOVES.

This is a family friendly, fun event for all ages. Games start at 11 am, so bring a chair or blanket and make a day of it!

The tournament is free, but normal rates apply for parking, Sunlite Pool and Classic Rides.